Boom Lift

Boom Lift

A boom lift is a lift used to reach the highest points where a user cannot reach with the help of an extension ladder or any other such product. Brand Scaffolding holds the place among the topmost Boom Lift manufacturers in Chennai.

Technical Specifications of Boom Lift

A telescopic boom lift is actually an electrical and mechanical machine which is operated with the help of a hydraulic motor. The operator can vary the height of the lift with the help of the motor. Besides this, the lift can also be rotated at different degrees as per requirement. There is a platform installed at the end of the lift which has the capacity to hold more than one person. If we compare the boom lift with its nearest competitor, scissor lift, boom lift has an added advantage over it. Scissor lift can only be operated in the vertical direction, whereas boom lift can be rotated up to 360 degrees. If you want to purchase the boom lift at a price that falls under your budget, contact us, the boom lift suppliers in India.

Uses of Boom Lift

An articulating boom lift has the tendency to reach the highest points. Hence, it is suitable for the jobs done at heights, like maintenance of tallest buildings, decoration of the tallest buildings, installation of glass panels in skyscrapers, etc. We own the rich industrial experience in designing and manufacturing boom lifts. We have a team of experienced and skilled engineers and designers. The quality of our work speaks a great language. Hence, today we became one of the best boom lift suppliers in Chennai.

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