Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is an electrical and mechanical machine which can be raised vertically to a certain height. Therefore, this type of lift is suitable for indoor applications. Brand Scaffolding is the renowned scissor lift manufacturers in Chennai. We manufacture heavy-duty electric scissor lifts.

Technical Specifications of Scissor Lift

The platform of the scissor lift is supported by criss-cross structures. The lift can be moved in the vertical direction up to a certain height. A hydraulic motor controls the movement of the lift. Its large platform makes it suitable for more than one worker. There are many hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in India whose products are known for their best quality and performance, we are one of them.

Design Variations and Pricing

We manufacture scissor lifts of various heights as per the requirement of the customer. The prices for electric scissor lift and hydraulic scissor lift vary accordingly. Feel free to contact us, the leading scissor lift suppliers in Chennai for more details.

Our Product Range

Scissor Lift

Model : CE012

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